Spring Festival 18th/19th May

A big thank you to the pig breeders especially those who have entries in the show, entries this year are up by an impressive 53%, and in case you are wondering that’s not a misprint, just over half as many again as in 2012.  Last year we had 27 exhibitors showing their pigs, this year we have 41 so the exhibitors are up 50% as well.

In 2012 a series of talks was started in the sheep section and this year it has been
taken up by the pig section as well. It’s part of the “getting started” programme aimed at all levels of experience in stockmanship, but in particular new starters with pigs. The talks by experts in their field will hopefully take place behind the W&BCPBA marquee with its own lighting, PA system etc. depending on the eventual pen layout.

The programme has been well advertised and you should have had a flyer about it by now so if you have any questions regarding feeding, health etc. now is a good time to ask and have it explained to you.

Our featured themed exhibit this year (if we have the space for it ) is the same as one of the lectures,“Pigs in Woods”. It involves creating a wooded clearing with the tops of trees from the forestry and two or three loads of well-rotted

Finally once again we are asking for help running the marquee, talking about pigs, dealing with enquiries, merchandise stand, tea making (very important), and just tidying up in general. This is always a problem as most of us are working and exhibiting pigs so we do need help.

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