Forthcoming Workshops (November 2013)

AGM & Pork Marketing workshop, Sunday 10th November 2013, 11am to 3pm, New Inn, Newbridge on Wye

Sue Howe will be running a pork marketing workshop prior to lunch and the AGM on Sunday 10th November 2013.  Please let Andy Zambanini know if you plan to attend (

Salami and Charcuterie workshop,
Sunday 24th November 2013, New Inn, Newbridge on Wye

The Association plans to host a Salami Workshop run by an external expert
(Mark Frederick) on Sunday 24th November.  Cost will be £20 per person payable in advance and spaces are limited to a total of 12 so that you can gain hands on experience.  If you would like more information on
the workshop, please contact Sue Howe directly (;
07801 577072).

Artificial Insemination & Pig Breeding Workshop,

Bob Stevenson as many of you will know is an expert in all maladies, treatments
and interventions related to pigs.  He has very kindly agreed to run a
workshop next Sunday at the New Inn, Newbridge on Wye primarily focusing on
artificial insemination and pig breeding, but he will also be running a general
question and answer session so please bring along your photos, videos and
questions for any pig health related issues.

Cost is £5 for association members payable on the day.  Lunch is also
available at extra cost (approximately £5).  Please confirm your
interest by phoning Barbara Warren on 01495 755557 or e-mail (

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