W&BCPBA Constitution

The aims and objectives of the Association are to :

  • promote pigs and pigmeat.
  • represent breeders nationally.
  • organise workshops.
  • provide a self-help group to exchange information.
  • support pig showing at the Royal Welsh and other shows in the Wales and border counties.

We believe that the Association has gone a long way towards fulfilling these aspirations, but of course there is always more work to be done.  Membership of the Association increases year on year, and includes members from other areas of the UK, indicating we believe that our Association is unique and is seen as useful to pig breeders generally. We would hope that the Association will always be useful to members.

So what does the Association do for its members? In recent years it has :

  • Circulated a quarterly Newsletter.
  • Published and publicised a Members Directory.
  • Promoted and sponsored awards at all the major Welsh Shows.
  • Helped to establish a pig section at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair.

We also organised workshops on showing, tattooing, meat marketing etc.

  • Arranged training for Basic Food Hygiene certificates.
  • Lobbied government on abattoirs, cutting facilities, etc.

The Association intends to continue to offer its members practical help and advice, guided by what the membership requires, within its overall aims. In addition, we have found that pig breeders are a gregarious group. Despite the widespread membership, the social side of the Association has been particularly active recently, with the popular annual dinner and other events. The network of pig breeders has grown into a community of friends with a common interest.

We do hope that you will decide to join the Association, and benefit from its many activities. Then help to build an even better organisation that will have a voice within the UK pig industry.

We look forward to welcoming you.